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Product Options

Intersection flyer distributions

The larger ad trailer gives great exposure to your company and brand utilising a full 42 sq/m of advertsing space thus giving the potential customers a full view of products that are on offer

  • trailer gets moved twice per week to pre-selected hot spots
  • trailer are fully insured
  • artwork replacemnt guarenteed within 24 hours if damaged
  • client receives weekly update report for campaign
  • target competitors
  • make your brand visible
  • shop launches
  • mall entrances

Door-to-door Distributions

Door to door distribution is one of the most cost effective targeted marketing solutions for any business.

If you want to reach consumers in a given area then our door to door service is what you need

Target Audience

We ask you who your ideal client is, and then tailor your distribution around this key component.


Based on your ideal client and the areas your business covers, we recommend the most appropriate locations for you.


We look at your chosen locations and combine this with your budget to establish the right quantity for your business.


Your design will always include our three keys to a successful flyer: bold headline, eye catching image and a call to action.


We advise on the perfect print for your business based on your target audience, type of business and budget.

Type of distribution

You can have shared or solus distribution. We recommend the best for you based on your average conversion value and your budget.


Drip effect marketing studies show the higher the frequency, the higher the response. We recommend a minimum three stage repeat strategy.

GPS Tracking

Watch exactly where your flyers are distributed with your own personal tracking account.


We look at your response rate and use those results to create an even better repeat campaign.

  • target competitors
  • make your brand visible
  • shop launches
  • mall entrances

Promotional staff

We usually use students  for our higher level promotions, we educate them on your product and equip the with the relevant promotional products to communicate your business message to your potential customers

Promostaff (leafleters, field or brand ambassadors) are sometimes the best way of marketing your product or service, by ensuring a direct contact with the audience to deliver your message. We provide Promostaff where ever there is a need for the ‘warm flesh’ approach.

  • Leaflets
  • Product samples
  • Discount vouchers
  • Directions

The Promostaff can target areas such as:

Shopping Centres

  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Concerts
  • Sports Events
  • Bus/Tube/Train Stations
  • Pedestrianised Areas
  • Campus Events
  • Store openings