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Leather welder’s aprons.  Welder’s spats and leg guards.  Welding yokes, jackets and trousers.  Welding lenses.  Chipping hammers.  Welding helmets and goggles.

All buggy whips are 3m in length.  One, two and three piece configurations are available.  We also supply reflective flags and whistles. 

We supply quality Bayaan disposable workwear.  A full range including overalls, mop caps, shoe caps, shoe covers, gloves, sleeves, aprons and beard covers is available.

Africa Pro are suppliers of Momi quality eye protection products.  Direct vent and indirect vent chemical goggles as well as a variety of other goggles are always in stock.  Various colours and configurations to suit every need.

Both regulation 3 and regulation 7 first aid kits are available in metal boxes.  Refills for both regulations also available.

Our range of footwear, safety boots and gumboots is extensive.  Both men’s and ladies items are available.  Available brands include Dot, Lemaitre, Bova, Bova Sisi, Caterpillar, Hi-tech and rebel.  Gumboots are available in normal, claw, knee length, slip-on, and steel toe cap.

Freezer wear products of the following types are available:  Jackets with or without hoods, trousers and overalls.  Normal and extra padded.

Cotton, rubber, PVC knit, household, leather, welding gloves and more.  We literally supply gloves for any application and use.

Jockey hard hats in all colours.  Hard hat inners and chin straps.  Face shields.  Full brim hard hats.

Corded and uncorded ear plugs.  Both disposable and re-usable.  Universal ear muffs.

One and two-piece overalls in royal blue, red, orange, navy, black khaki and white.  65/35% polycotton and 100% cotton.  Size 34-44.  Brand names like Jonsson, Javlin and Sweet-orr available.

Heavy duty PVC aprons in white, yellow and green.  Blood and fat aprons available in white.

Heavy duty PVC rain suits in yellow and navy.  Rubberised rain coats in yellow, navy and orange.  Rubberised rain suits in navy, yellow, orange and olive.  All sizes available.

Day glow mini and maxi day glow bibs in lime and orange.  Extra long solid material day glow bibs in lime and orange.  Reflective jackets of various types.  Fluoerescent reflective jackets.

Dust masks.  Single and double valve dust masks.  Single and double respirators.  Respirator cartidges for solvents, organic, petroleum fumes, inorganic vapours, acid gases, dust, fumes and mist.  Also combination cartridges.

Single and double lanyard shock absorber harnesses with snap hooks.  Double lanyard with scaffold hook.  Momi Escom kits.  Momi miners belts.

Barrier tapes in red/white, yellow/black, solid in lime and orange.  450mm to 700mm road cones. 1m and 1,2m premium quality barrier fences with UV protection.  Wet floor signs.

Momi kidney belts.  Momi cap lamp belts.  Momi reflective cap lamp belts.

t-shirts in assorted colours.  Embroidery done.  Golf shirts in assorted colours.

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