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Product Options

Business Cards

3 sizes : 55mm x 85mm, 50mm x 90mm , 55mm x 90mm

Landscape or portrait

Rounded corners or normal corners

Laminated or not, 350 gsm Matt finish or 350 gsm Gloss finish

  • Make a long-lasting first impression with custom business cards

    When you first meet a prospective client or potential employer you want to make a great first impression. A memorable business card serves a far greater purpose than just housing your contact information. It can help you to make an impression that one will remember forever.

    But in order to make a first impression that stands out, you need to print a high-quality business card. However, this can be expensive and time consuming.

    Printing business cards online through a top quality online printer is affordable and often includes free delivery, which helps you to make a long-lasting impression in no time at all

Create business cards with your vital contact information

As a business and entrepreneur it is important to make genuine, personal connections. Swapping your contact information digitally is quick and simple, but often the contact details get lost in cyber space and that vital information is forgotten. Furthermore, sharing contact information digitally is impersonal.

Printed business cards allow you to share your vital contact information in a personal and engaging way. Face-to-face contact is important in today’s digital age and can help you stand out from your competitors. By handing out custom business cards you can form long-lasting relationships which are important for your business’s growth.



Digitally printed or litho printed

Sizes : A3,A4,A5,A6,DL

Printed on both sided or only one

115 gsm or 150 gsm (gloss or matt)

  • In the digital age flyers are still a very effective and affordable way to promote and market your business.Printed flyers are a versatile and affordable. Whether you print your flyers in black and white, or colour, printed flyers are a great way to grab people’s attention. With flyer printing you are able to put a tangible piece of your business in the palm of a potential customer’s hand
  • Use promotional flyers to quickly spread news about promotions and special events.

    Flyers are a great way to advertise your promotion, placing your sale in the palm of your customer’s hand. Together with banners or attractive posters you can create maximum awareness around your promotion and event, without too much effort.

  • Increase customer interest with incentives, such as vouchers.

    Marketing and promotional flyers are great for bringing extra traffic to your business or your website. Print flyers as promotional vouchers which can be used to reward current customers or attract potential new customers.

    This may seem like a costly option, printing tons of flyers to be distributed, but using an online printing company can make this an extremely effective, yet affordable marketing option.



Sizes : A1,A2 or A3

One side only printing

115 gsm or 150 gsm (gloss or matt finish)

  • Attractive posters give you the great benefit of continuous exposure. Potential customers will be able to see them for as long as you decide to leave them up. With advertising posters you do not have to worry about your radio ad ending or your print ad in a magazine being thrown away.Because people are continuously exposed to your custom poster they will more than likely see your poster several times. If you place them in a busy area people will be repeatedly exposed to your visually-appealing posters.Repetition helps to drive your message home and stay in the mind of potential customers. By placing your custom posters in specific, targeted areas you are able to build a new captive audience. People are constantly looking around so placing your poster in an area such as a bus station will make sure that it is noticed.Make sure your printed poster has a strong call to action which will engage viewers and convert them into customers more easily. Emphasise your brand message by handing out attractive and informative brochures together with hanging up your posters.
  • Custom-printed posters increase visibility for your brand and business. An attractive and well-thought out poster can reach people you would normally not be able to reach. They are attention-grabbing and make a strong visual impression that people will remember.One of the greatest benefits of posters is their ability to appear anywhere. You can place them anywhere from busy city centres, to small coffee shops and restaurants, to lamp posts and bathroom stalls. Poster advertising allows you to market and advertise to a broader audience, helping you to create brand awareness and grow your business.You can increase the reach of your marketing campaign even further through attractive printed flyers and informative folded leaflets.


Sizes : A4,A5,A6 or DL

Landscape or portrait

8 pages to 60 page booklets

115 gsm or 150 gsm (gloss or matt finish)

  • Prospectuses, proposals, product illustrations or catalogues – booklet and brochure printing has the potential to bring your business message across in a clear and effective way.Marketing and advertising are important in order for any business to grow. Brochures are a great way to increase brand awareness as they allow you to hand out a tangible piece of your brand, service or product to potential customers.A well-designed brochure can capture the attention of a potential customers and get the word out about your business. All-in-all, they are a vital marketing tool that is must for any business
  • Brochures are a great promotional tool. Placing an ad in print media is expensive and can be too costly for a small business that is looking to grow.Even if you have a tight marketing budget, printed brochures allow you to reach a new audience and spread the word about your business to potential customers. Make brochures that provide your customers with useful information and create awareness around your brand and service in your target market.

Folded Leaflets

Two paper types: gloss or matte

Two paper weights: 115g or 150g

Three folding options: half-fold, letter-fold and z-fold

Three paper sizes: A5, A4 or A3

With all these leaflet printing options, the possibilities for your business’s marketing are endless.

Folded leaflets are mini-brochures that are more professionally designed than flyers, and tend to be more informative and high-impact. They are sure to leave a lasting brand impression with your clients.

Folded leaflets allow you to easily connect with your customers as they present your business’s story in a presentable and tangible way. Folded leaflets are informative but they can also be attractive, leaving a long-lasting brand impression in your customers’ mind.

With various templates, folded leaflets are easy to design. Engaging your customers with a professional folded leaflet is important so here are some tips to help you create a folded leaflet that makes a long lasting impression on your customers.

Your folded leaflet should be more than an encyclopaedia of information. Address the reader as “you” to create a personal connection. This encourages the reader to engage with your content rather than skim over the information.

While your folded leaflet should be informative, it does not have to be dull or boring. Remember that your folded leaflet will be presented to human beings. Your customers are not robots.


Correx Boards

Correx is a very light weight but extremely robust fluted polyprop board. It’s unique fluted properties means it doesn’t break or shatter, it is waterproof and can survive external conditions. Often referred to as estate agents board Correx can be used as a versatile signage solution.

Correx is easy to fit with adhesives, tapes or screwed through. It’s also a cost effective material and lends itself well to high quality digital print.


We have capability for full colour digital print direct to material.

Single or Double Sided

Property/Estate Agent boards

Placards printing/Toitoi boards

Lamp post signs;

Election campaign signs;

Full size person cut-outs

Boards are cut to any shape and size.

Bollard covers


PVC Banners

Go big when it comes to promoting your business by using large format marketing materials like banners. You can use them for store advertisements, party decorations, and retail promotions.We offer custom vinyl banners for both indoor and outdoor use. Your high quality banners can be printed on 440gms or 510gms weight PVC Vinyl material. They have a smooth non-reflective matte finish for great visibility even in bright light. You can make your banners with printing on one side or both sides. We also have grommet and pole pockets options for easy installation. Choose from various sizes up to whatever size you need

We recommend PVC Banners for events and temporary use where easy transportation and quick set up is required, and budget is important. Can be used in or outdoors.

The ideal choice for printing large format prints whose size requires that you stand back to view them (intended viewing distance 2 Metres plus). Printed using eco-solvent inks, direct to roll to roll printing technology, a much better alternative to mounting a print to the board, which can be prone to peeling and can cause warping of the board. Our printing process give vibrant colour prints which are water resistant, has high durability and flexibility so do not crack or peel on flexible media, manufacturers guarantee 2year UV life outdoors, longer if protected by lamination, or when out of direct sunlight.


Instagram & Facebook Boards

Our selfie frames take seconds for you to create but can transform your event!

Our selfie boards are printed with waterproof inks directly (no sticker to be peeled off) onto a really sturdy 5mm correx board that won’t go damp or floppy, with a nice big cutout for your heads!
We print directly onto the correx board, we don’t print on vinyl and then stick it on later – you will notice a difference in quality.

  • Our frames are perfect for all kinds of events – from birthdays, baby showers, weddings and hen dos, to launch events, graduations and office parties.

    Delivery is free